About Us

What Can I Expect When I Visit…

  • Expect to be warmly welcomed!
  • Expect to discover a loving community.
  • Expect an inspirational worship experience.
  • Expect a meaningful and encouraging encounter with the Word of God.

What Can I Expect From the People…

  • Smiles!  From the moment you walk in the doors, you will meet people who are glad to see you.
  • Come and you will find people eager to help you.
  • We share genuine relationships with each other. You will find this in the noise of greetings and joyful conversations before and after every worship service. You will find this in the sharing of lives in our Bible Classes. You will find this in every event or activity you attend.

What Can I Expect During Worship…

  • Expect to be part of a group of worshipers, not a person in an audience.
  • You are welcome to participate as you please.
  • Singing together, worshiping God and encouraging each other.
  • Sharing the Lord’s Supper, a weekly remembrance of what Jesus has done for us.
  • Hearing and speaking from God’s Word.
  • Bringing people before God in prayer.
  • Engaging with a relevant and inspiring Biblical message.
  • Giving monetarily for God’s work (no guest should feel obligated to give).

What Can I Expect To See People Wearing…

  • You will see variety.
  • On Sunday mornings, some will be more formal, but a majority will be dressed informally.
  • On Wednesday evenings, many people come straight from work and are dressed accordingly.
  • Please understand that we care more about your presence than your appearance.